A journalism student got to interview Prince William after he made her a promise in 2011

How lovely is this? Prince William gave a journalism student the scoop of a lifetime by giving her an exclusive interview, FOUR years after promising he would.

In 2011, Sophia Kichou was living at a Centrepoint hostel after becoming homeless at the age of 18. As the housing charity’s patron, Wills was visiting a centre when he came across Sophia, and she told him of her dream of being a journalist.

‘He told me that if I continued to pursue my dreams, then one day he would give me an interview,’ Sophia told American magazine, People.

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And it seems as if the future King is a man of his word! Sophia found herself at Kensington Palace for an exclusive interview with Wills in late November, where they discussed a wide range of topics – from his childhood to helicopter flying.

Notably, he pointed out why homelessness in Britain was such a personal cause for him – after visiting Centrepoint sites with his mother, Princess Diana, as a child, he was ‘struck’ by the hardships that ordinary people were struggling with: ‘sleeping rough, sofa surfing, not having basic comforts a lot of us take for granted…That really struck me at a young age, bearing in mind the gulf for me, growing up in a palace, and seeing the other end of the spectrum.’


The full interview is available in the latest edition of The Big Issue.

The 24-year-old student was understandably delighted after her big scoop. ‘He’s a prince who keeps his promises, and he’s inspired me in so many ways,’ Sophia told People.

‘I haven’t even graduated and I have already interviewed Prince William, the future King – I’m hoping this isn’t the peak of my career!’

With a start like this, we’re sure Sophia’s journalism career will only go from strength to strength!

Nicole Vassell / @nicolevassell