Ayda Field has captured the heart of the UK's most reluctant husband

After crooning Angels to his blushing bride Ayda Field at their wedding, a teary Robbie Williams blubbed: ‘Yes, I’m an emotional guy. Ayda looked like the most beautiful girl in the world.’

This is from the same man who in his pre-Ayda days was more likely to blurt out stuff like: ‘I’m the only man who can say he’s been in Take Thatand at least two members of the Spice Girls.’

So what’s made Robbie, 36 – the UK’s most unapologetic bachelor – turn into a soppy husband who now thinks the next step of fatherhood is ‘inevitable’?

The Turkish-American actress isn’t exactly one of the limelight lovelies he used to be romantically linked to, such as Geri Halliwell, Cameron Diaz or his ex-fiancée All Saints singer Nicole Appleton.

But insiders say Robbie was attracted by the fact that Ayda knew how to handle fame, yet wasn’t too famous to overshadow him.

Ayda hadn’t really heard of Rob,’ says our source.

‘When she found out she was nonplussed and more interested in knowing the man beyond the fame. Ayda keeps him in line. She knows her own mind and won’t be pushed around.’

Ayda keeps easily distracted Robbie‘s attention because she isn’t your typical LA airhead.

‘She can speak English, Italian, Turkish and French,’ says our insider.

‘She has a degree in politics and economics and trained as a lawyer. She’s bright, funny and independent.’

See the full story about Robbie Williams and Ayda Field in Now magazine dated 23 August 2010 – out now!

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