The Girls Aloud singer has made it cool to be curvy – by ditching her diet demons

She’s been the first to admit she lacks body confidence and struggles with her weight – but Kimberley Walsh, 27, has finally achieved the figure of her dreams.

During a break in the Caribbean last week, the Girls Aloud star looked stunning as she worked on her tan by the pool wearing an on-trend zebra-print bikini.

As Kimberley relaxed with her boyfriend Justin Scott, 27, it was obvious that she felt comfortable with her body. After several failed attempts to lose weight on faddy diets such as the Atkins and the cereal diet, the 5ft 6in singer has found a winning formula that allows her to drop a few pounds, while still maintaining her curves.

Instead of avoiding her favourite treats, such as chips and ice cream, Kimberley now simply chooses low-calorie versions and halves her portions. When dining out, she makes a point of going for healthy, low-fat dishes.

Kimberley, who currently weighs a healthy 8st 10lb, says: ‘I eat healthily and in moderation. I’d put on weight easily if I wasn’t in a group doing dancing and stuff. I’m not one of the lucky ones who can eat what they want.’

In March, Kim completed a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief with her bandmate Cheryl Cole. After that, the pair set off on Girls Aloud’s 32-date Out Of Control tour of the UK and Ireland, which ended on 6 June. It seems those gruelling nightly dance routines have paid off, leaving Kimberley’s bod tighter and more toned than ever.

‘My stomach is OK because I dance loads,’ says Kim. The rest of her looks fine to us, too!

See pictures of Kimberley Walsh‘s fab figure in new look Now magazine dated 29 June 2009 – out now!