Poldark’s Aidan Turner has never made us laugh this much

Poldark‘s Aidan Turner got a bit more than he bargained for when he staged a live Twitter Q&A with fans on Sunday.

But when you’re THAT hot and you open yourself to a gaggle of women sat behind their computer screens, you can’t expect questions about your best acting techniques.

#AskPoldark trended on Twitter as fans sent their questions to 31-year-old Irish actor (and full-time hottie) Aidan. Of course, there was the inevitable proposal from one adoring woman – ‘will u marry me? I think you’re bloody gorgeous Aidan xxx‘ – and the expected comments on his well-oiled torso (FYI, he actually does use baby oil – read about it here): ‘Don’t you think it would have been more practical to take off your shirt whilst you were unloading the fish tonight?

But some women surpassed expectations, with Linda asking Poldark himself to do a bit of her gardening: ‘My mower has packed in. Will you come and scythe my lawn please?‘ Miss Jones (and yes, there is a possibility it could be Bridget herself) even asked: ‘How do I refrain from licking my TV screen?

So what did Aidan do when he was bombarded with social media requests all revolving around the fact that he’s basically the most in demand man on the planet right now?

Put an abs-covering jumper on and sulk about priorities? Demand a million restraining orders? Get out his Poldark wooden stick and run for the hills? Nope, ever gracious Aidan took it on the perfectly-sculpted chin – as always.

When asked if he was aware of his soaring following of admirers, he responded: ‘I am aware, yeah! It’s pretty hilarious!

Gorgeous AND humble? Aidan’s girlfriend Sarah Greene is one hella lucky lady. 

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