Mr Nasty pulls out the poppadoms to get the Essex boy on board with X Factor

We’ve heard
of large amounts of money, lavish gifts and expensive jewellery to try and
persuade a person to do something but a CURRY has got to be a new one!

Simon Cowell got
his chef to whip up an Indian banquet when it came to wooing Olly Murs into
doing the X Factor.

And it
looks as if the spicy feast might just have been the thing to tip the Essex boy.

Olly told the Mirror: ‘He asked if I
wanted a curry and I said I love curry. So I go round to his house and he has all
these amazing curries that have been home-made in his kitchens.

‘There was a spicy chicken curry and
a milder one, and all these dishes of chutneys and poppadoms and naan bread, a
proper feast. And then at his end of the table there was this huge bowl of
shepherd’s pie.’

But the multi-millionaire music
mogul decided he didn’t want to tuck in to the spicy meal, instead opting for
the best of British instead.

Simon said: ‘I decided I didn’t
want curry in the end, so I’m having shepherd’s pie. But I know you wanted
curry’. So all these dishes were just for me and he had this minced beef! I had
to work my way through all these different curries.’

Olly even has a cunning plan to stay on top of the ratings battle with competitors Strictly Come Dancing.

‘I’ve lost a stone but if Simon wants more viewing figures,
we might have to go back to the tight trousers,’ he giggled. 

‘We’ll carry on letting Caroline know what she’s wearing,’ he added.

‘She’s going to get her pins out
every week.’ 

Simon Cowell knew just the trick,
we’d be anybody’s with a Lamb Buna and pilau rice!

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Benjamin Potter