Take That star thinks cannabis should be legalised

Howard Donald reckons cannabis is safer than alcohol – and thinks more people should get stoned.

The Take That singer believes a night out on the town would be a safer place if kids got high.

‘I know it’s a touchy subject,’ Howard ventures.

‘But if more people went out stoned than drunk, which a lot of people are on the weekend, I think there would be less fighting and less violence.’

But his comments have been heavily criticised by anti-drugs campaigners who have branded him ‘irresponsible’.

‘Anyone who tells you cannabis is perfectly safe is talking rubbish,’ Gail McCan, of Mothers Against Drugs, tells The Sun.

‘It can cause psychosis and paranoia. I’d like Take That to see the work we do and ask if they’d like to donate some of the millions they earn to drug treatment.’

Meanwhile Howard, 39, insists recreational drugs are no big deal.

‘We dabbled with Ecstacy and liked the odd spliff,’ he says, ‘but who doesn’t?’

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Alison Adey