Oscar thought his dad was a professional belcher


Most kids would be impressed if their dad was X-Men superhero Wolverine – but not Hugh Jackman‘s son.

Oscar, 13, prefers to think of his famous father as a professional belcher.

My son was like, “You’re really nothing like Wolverine. I used to think you were like him, but you just look like him, that’s all” – which is pretty true,’ says Hugh, 44.

He was more impressed when he thought I was a burping champion. When he was younger, I won the Nickelodeon burping competition and he saw it.

So for a while he thought that was all I did.’

Hugh – who is a doting dad to adopted children Oscar and Ava, 8, with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, 57 – doesn’t think his son will follow in his acting footsteps.

All the kids at school were asked what they want to be when they grow up,’ the Aussie star tells Notebook.

Oscar was like, “I want to be a Pharoah!” I was like, “Excellent. We need one in the family!”‘

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