Downton Abbey's Lady Mary - AKA Michelle Dockery - has discussed the sadness she felt filming the show's final scenes (SOB)

Michelle Dockery has put into words how we all feel about Downton Abbey ending, saying she ‘didn’t expect to feel so sad’ when filming her final scenes.

Michelle revealed her ultimate day on set had a physical effect on her, telling Red magazine: ‘On my last day of filming, leading up to that final take, I felt sick.

‘I didn’t expect to feel so sad. But I think it was a smart move to end the show where we did.’

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She added that the cast and crew sent the show off in style, saying: ‘At the wrap party, the producer did a speech and said, ‘Now let’s party like it’s 1925!’ My feet have only just recovered from all the dancing.’

Sounds like our kind of night!

Gorgeous Michelle went on to discuss how she initially struggled to cope with the level of fame that Downton brought her way.

She said: ‘When Downton first became… just the enormity of it. I was so overwhelmed and found it hard to adjust to being recognised and having my private life in the spotlight. 

‘You quickly realise that the press can get to you. I’ve got people around me who I can turn to for advice: my mum, and my partner, John (Dineen, her PR fiancé). 

‘But, at this stage, my instincts are pretty good.’

Michelle also revealed she feels that roles for women have improved, citing one of our favourite films as a catalyst for change.

‘Bridesmaids was a huge turning point because it showed women can be funny and outrageous and sexy and complicated all at the same time,’ she said. ‘I have so much respect for Kristen Wiig for pulling that off.’

You and us both, Mich!

Check out the full interview with Michelle in the January issue of Red, on sale 1st December.

The final episode of Downton Abbey will air on ITV on Christmas Day – SOB.

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