Nadine Coyle hopes to raise awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning

Nadine Coyle has opened up about the shock carbon monoxide poisoning she experienced while living in a renting house in LA.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, she said: ‘‘I was renting a house in LA…you don’t really notice it, you’re like ‘I’m really tired, is it with all the flying around, is it jet lag, am I getting sick, is it a cold, have we got a bug, why are we so tired all the time?’, and then you would forget simple things, we couldn’t remember the word for table, like, ‘What is that? Put it on the…’, we couldn’t remember what is was. And it was the chest pains, I felt like I couldn’t breathe.’

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The horror story continued even after Nadine went to the doctor to investigate the problem: ‘So I went to the doctors and they checked for everything and they said you’re fine. Then when the blood tests came back they said it was exposure to high levels of gas, but still he hadn’t said it was carbon monoxide.’

Thankfully, a chance incident intervened. When a man came to perform maintenance on Nadine’s boiler, he discovered a crack in the system where carbon monoxide was escaping. ‘It was so lucky,’ added Nadine.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious illness which can lead to severe brain damage or even death if exposure continues over time. Nadine hopes to bring awareness to the dangers through her experience, encouraging others to fit carbon monoxide alarms in their homes. She warned: ‘It’s very, very scary and it’s really serious.