Clare Bonello claims that Mark Croft cannot be faithful

They’ve only been married six months but Kerry Katona, 26, and Mark Croft, 36, have both been accused of being unfaithful.

Last month Leighton Ogden, 21, claimed that he went on wild cocaine binges with Kerry and is now alleging that he had sex with the troubled star.

Mark’s ex-girlfriend Clare Bonello, 22, is also insisting that she and the former cab driver have been to bed together since he got together with the former Atomic Kitten star.

‘He told me: “I’m only with her for the money”,’ says Clare. ‘After we slept together he kept saying: “Don’t tell, Kerry, don’t tell Kerry.”

‘It’s just not in his genes to be faithful. The only things he loves are money and fast cars.’

Kerry’s currently in a custody battle over her two daughters with ex-husband Brian McFadden, 27 – Molly, 5, and Lilly, 4 – who are currently living with Brian’s mum Mairead in Ireland.

The courts ruled that they should stay in Brian’s care until Kerry, who refused to take a drug test, can prove that she’s capable of looking after them.

As well as adultery, Kerry faces claims that she’s a cocaine addict and Mark used to be a drug dealer – allegations they both deny.

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