TOWIE star Vas Morgan causes controversy as he talks about not liking being gay, and how he can’t see himself raise a family with a man

Following an interview in aTeen magazine and a heartfelt
one-to-one with Lauren Pope on TOWIE, Vas Morgan is facing a storm
of homophobia accusations as he confesses how he doesn’t like being gay. Yikes.

The 27-year-old spoke out about the struggles he faced with
his religious family when it came to his sexuality.

‘My mum and dad
will never accept it. Even my brother and sister who have been so supportive, I
know they still feel uncomfortable with it,’ said Vas.

‘They genuinely believe you go to hell if you are gay.

‘I’m not that
religious so I don’t think I will go to hell but I have to admit I still do
think that it is wrong. I think it is unnatural. That’s my personal belief.’

‘My family told me
if I have to be gay then stay in the closet and basically just make it my dirty
little secret. The lowest point in a way is now because I still don’t have
the acceptance of my family.’

And it’s not just
his family who think that being gay is wrong. Vas said he gets emails everyday,
telling him that it’s a deformity.

When it comes to raising his own family in the future as
well, he says he wouldn’t want to bring up kids in a gay relationship, and even
referred to THOSE Dolce and Gabanna comments about Elton John and David
‘s children being ‘synthetic’.

‘I actually agree with some of the things they are saying but could never voice
my opinion because people would turn on me too. I think it is great people like
Elton John can do it but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing up
kids with another man.’

Even though Vas is openly gay, in a recent episode of TOWIE,
it was revealed that he tried to kiss his co-star Jasmin Walia. Whaaaat.

He told Lauren Pope: ‘Maybe I’m not gay, maybe I’m

Bi-sexual or gay though, it doesn’t seem like Vas will be
happy in any relationship at the moment.

‘I feel like I could be with a woman but I guess I wouldn’t be as happy
as I would be if I was in a relationship with a man. At the moment I don’t
think I would be happy with either.’ 

And even through all this, Vas is still really grateful for his life and
knows it wouldn’t be the same any other way.

‘I wouldn’t be on
TOWIE, I wouldn’t be best mates with Lauren and have my clothing line. And I do
think I wouldn’t have the close friendships I have and the support I have now
if I was straight.’

‘I do think I am a good person and I do like and love myself. I just
don’t love being gay. That’s the only thing I am unhappy with. But then if I
was straight I wouldn’t have this life,’ says Vas.

But Vas is still
looking for that special someone, and doesn’t know if he ever will.

‘I have never had
a serious relationship. I have never been in love, I feel like I’m always
forcing it with anyone,’ Vas said, before sobbing to Lauren and adding, ‘I
don’t think I’m ever going to be happy.’

OH GOD. What an emotional rollercoaster. We need a lie down.

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