To mark the new series of I'm A Celebrity, here’s a reminder of some of the show’s best ever bromances

We all love a love story on I’m A Celebrity but we’re not just talking about the lovey-dovey ones.

We’ve witnessed plenty of unlikely bromances developed in the Aussie jungle. Here are our top three favourites:

Joe Swash
& George Takei, 2008

One of the unexpected joys of I’m A Celeb has been watching bonds develop between the most unlikely of friends. The best of all has to be former EastEnders scamp Joe, 32 – crowned king of the series – and Star Trek legend George, 77. The Hollywood veteran was utterly enthralled by Joe’s warm, no-frills personality.

Remember him teaching George Cockney song Ollie, Ollie, Ollie? It involved a biscuit tin… and we’ll leave it there! Then there was the cheeky moment George rubbed ointment into Joe’s bum. This is the stuff of TV dreams when you’re watching in your PJs.

Hugo Taylor & Eric Bristow, 2012

Two grown-up boys from different sides of the track – that’s an understatement in describing former Made In Chelsea star Hugo, 26, and Cockney darts champ Eric, 57. But they bonded in the jungle to such an extent that Hugo said: ‘I’m so happy that I managed to make a friend who was completely different to everyone else I know and I’m sure we’ll be dear friends for the rest of our lives.’ Aww. Poor Hugo did cop some flack from certain campmates just because of his background, so good on Eric for stepping in.

Shaun Ryder & Nigel Havers, 2010

Fair’s fair, we could have quite happily watched Shaun, 52, meandering about camp by himself. But his unlikely man hook-up with actor Nigel, 62, was a gift that kept giving.

Neither was happier than when having a whinge. It was like watching Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets. Until huffy Havers walked out, that is. He did have this to say about his Happy Mondays buddy: ‘By some quirk of fate – and these are the things that make this programme so unique – you will find that people will bond with other people. And I did, out of the blue, strike up this amazing relationship with Shaun.’ Bless.

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