Gaunt face, protruding ribs, frail frame - can Michael Buerk last much longer on the Bushtucker diet on I'm A Celebrity?

After the departure of Gemma Collins and Craig Charles, will newsreader Michael Buerk become the third I’m A Celebrity contestant to walk out of the jungle?

Since entering the competition almost two weeks ago, Michael Buerk has quickly become visibly thinner. The 68-year-old’s full face is now clearly gaunt and much of the weight Michael carried on his slim frame has disappeared, exposing his ribs.

Viewers have also commented on Michael‘s dramatic weightloss, with one Twitter user saying: ‘Someone please give Michael Buerk some pies. This man’s wasting away.’

On the show, Michael revealed he isn’t coping well with the camp’s 500-calories-a-day diet, largely consisting of rice and beans saying he’d, ‘give my right arm, my left arm, maybe both legs [for food].’

Michael‘s wife Christine, who’s flown out to Australia to support her husband, has admitted she’s ‘quite concerned’.

‘He was quite slim when he arrived,’ says Christine. ‘I was trying to encourage him to build up before coming out here, which he didn’t do.’

She continued: ‘He’s not got a lot of spare flesh on him, but he’s in good shape. I think it’s far, far healthier to be a little bit underweight that overweight. I was quite horrified to realise that they only get 500 calories a day in the jungle. It’s not that he dislikes rice and beans, but the rations are quite low.’

And while most people were talking about Michael‘s protruding bones, Christine proved she’s the obvious expert when it comes to spotting the differences I’m A Celeb’s made to her hubby’s body.

‘He’s got no flesh on his backside at all now,’ says Christine. ‘He always did have quite a neat little bum. Now he’s starting to feel it.’

Despite the rumours Michael is thinking of leaving the show, Christine is confident he will stick it out until the end saying: ‘Michael isn’t a quitter. I don’t see him walking out. He’s been in worse places. He’s been shot at, he’s been gassed, he’s been blown up in an ammunition dump explosion, he’s seen a sound guy die, he’s seen a cameraman lose his arm.’

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