Glamour model's mum says she was picked on for her looks

Nicola McLean‘s life was made hellish by her classmates, her mum has revealed.

Margaret McLean says her daughter has suffered with her image as a result of the bullying.

She became quite self-conscious when she was at primary school and was bullied because she had a bad squint, she says.

Eventually she had corrective surgery on it, but that meant she had to wear a patch for a while.

‘After that the bullying got even worse. The kids started calling her an ugly pirate. I think thats where her insecurities originally stemmed from.

Because of the jibes Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! star Nicola, 26, has also been keen to maintain her slim figure.

Shes never had an eating disorder, but shes the first to admit that she prefers to be slim,’ Margaret says. ‘Shes conscious of what she eats.

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