'My flaw was enjoying the high life – and women - too much,' admits EastEnders star Dean

He’s famous for being lovable dimwit Robbie Jackson on Albert Square with dog Wellard by his side – and of course for being a love rat.

Now Dean Gaffney has confessesed that his philandering ways have left his 22-year relationship with Sarah Burge, mother to his twin 18-year-old daughters Charlotte and Chloe, on the rocks. Dean was pictured recently with Maddie Stephens, a 25-year old blonde dancer and had a string of flings exposed on 2006’s I‘m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! when he confessed his infidelity in front of millions.

‘We are in a place where we don’t know what the future holds,’ admits Dean. ‘No one wants to see pictures of someone that’s been in their life for so long with someone else. No one wants to be humiliated.

‘But we are at an age where our daughters are old enough to fly the nest. So now it’s about, ‘What do WE want?’ I’m sure if we move forward in different directions we will still want the best for each other. If it’s going to be together or not together.’

He adds: ‘I was 15 when I joined EastEnders. You can’t believe you’re getting into clubs free – women, drink, whatever. My flaw might have been enjoying the high life too much, enjoying the trappings of fame. And that might mean meeting women.

‘I’m a red-blooded male. I make mistakes like every other human. And it’s about learning from those mistakes. I wasn’t proud at the time of the choices that I made. It’s not acceptable to treat women in that way, especially when you have daughters.’

But after 11 years in Walford the EastEnders star says he’s heading to Hollywood.

Perhaps Tinseltown will be a whole new start of a new you eh, Dean?

Dean, the new face of Marmite – fitting as he tends to inspire love or hate – told the Mirror newspaper he wants to use his acting skills to crack America and ever confident, he thinks he’s a shoe in.

‘I feel it would be very easy to walk into a casting agency and say I was in a show watched by 25 million people. I think their heads would fall off and they would offer me something,’ he says
‘Someone like Tom Hardy – I’d love to emulate his career, shave my head and be the complete opposite of what I did in EastEnders.’

Best of luck, Dean.

Sofia Zagzoule