Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Cami Li has quashed rumours of a budding romance with Calum Best

In a house filled with anger, shouting and constant fighting, we were seriously gunning for some love in the Celebrity Big Brother house. And at points, we thought we might get it from model Cami Li and former party boy Calum Best.

Wroooong! There was way too much house drama for the alleged romance to blossom into anything more than on-screen flirting.

Viewers saw the pair getting close during some evenings as the couple shared embraces and Cami even jumped into Calum‘s bed on occasion. But nothing ever came of the potential romance. In fact, according to Cami, there were no feelings there at all.

‘NO! Are you kidding me?,’ Cami responded when we asked if she fancied the CBB heartthrob. ‘Two attractive people can be friends!’

We then, of course, pointed out the ongoing flirting we’ve witnessed over the past few weeks. Cami replied: ‘It was boredom. And I don’t think we cuddled that much! It was just a genuine friendship.

‘If I went and told him something, I knew he wouldn’t use it against me. I’m a very touchy feely person, everyone who knows me, knows that.’

During their time in the house, rumours circulated that both Cami and Calum had secret partners on the outside, after they appeared to use code words on several conversations – allegedly referring to their partners as ‘mum’ and ‘sister’.

‘What code words?’ asked Cami when quizzed about the conversations. ‘It was literally my mum and sister. Who would I upset on the outside [with my behaviour towards Calum]? There is no one to upset.’

Meanwhile, it seems Calum hasn’t been too cautious with his reported secret girlfriend, whose identity has now been revealed to the press.

Model Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack is said to have been dating Calum since last year. Ianthe appeared to confront Cami Li‘s flirting, cryptically Tweeting a few days ago: ‘Nothing is sexier than a man or a woman who can face temptation and have the level of maturity to say, “this isn’t worth losing what I have.”‘

Oof, we wonder what Cami will say when she sees that?

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