Why haven't we thought about this before?!

Whilst we remain entertained by all things I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, spare a thought for the team who work tirelessly behind the scenes…

Busying themselves with countless tasks to ensure the smooth running of the hit ITV series, fans have pointed out a very perplexing aspect of the show.


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Exactly how do TV bosses know how many creepy crawlies and slithery reptiles have been used in each Bushtucker trial?!

Yesterday, the mysterious aspect of the show became a huge talking point among viewers after campmates Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles faced their fears during a jungle challenge.

As the boys were suspended in perspex boxes filled with critters for the Bushtucker trial, host Declan Donnelly announced they would be joined by well over 100,000 little bugs.

Dec’s pretty freaky nugget of information caused viewers to question exactly *who* has the intense job of counting all the creepy crawlies before every challenge.

Who on earth is counting these bugs??’ shared one.

‘How do they know how many bugs there are in this trial? I pity the poor sod who was given the job of counting them all,’ agreed another.

A third added: ‘Really want to find the person or persons who count all the bugs. Imagine sitting there and counting 30,000 cockroaches!’

And they’re certainly not the only ones fascinated by the less-than-glam showbiz mystery…

Yep, we’re counting our lucky stars that our Monday isn’t being spent doing a headcount of hundreds of bugs!

I’m A Celebrity viewers have been pretty grossed out by the 2018 set of Bushtucker trials – with some even calling out ITV producers for the ‘most disgusting’ challenge yet.

Over the weekend, campsite stars battled it out for the Nero to Zero trail – with the poor celebrities holding (and eating) a range of less than pleasant delicacies, including cockroaches, lobsters and even a massive huntsman spider.

Definitely not for the faint of heart!