Holly Willoughby had some big shoes to fill when she stepped in to replace Ant McPartlin on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! last week.

And despite the This Morning star doing a pretty great job next to Declan Donnelly in our eyes, she hasn’t exactly had an easy time of it so far.


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First ITV were forced to comment on reports that she’s being replaced already, and then there was that whole dodgy editing fiasco which saw the branding on her jumper disappear and reappear about three times.

But 37-year-old Holly found herself in hot water again on Sunday night when she leaned in for a kiss on the cheek with Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles – which turns out to be a huge no-no for presenters.

Campmates Noel and Nick both took part in a pretty disgusting Bushtucker Trial where they were forced to find stars in a box full of the usual suspect critters – all while being dangled 20ft in the air.

And after managing to get five stars out of 11, the boys were rewarded by a quick hug from Holly.

Looking shocked by the interaction – considering he only ever gives the celebs a firm handshake – Dec joked: ‘Are you canoodling with the campmates?’

Holly replied: ‘I think I did,’ before explaining that she went for the kiss because a handshake felt a ‘bit official’.

To which Dec added: ‘Keep your distance Holly Willoughby, keep your distance!’

Apologising, Holly replied: ‘Sorry, sorry I’ve broken a golden rule,’ as Dec teased: ‘You have!’

Of course, viewers had plenty to say about ‘kissgate’ over on Twitter as one fan tweeted: ‘Keep your distance Holly! Dec & Holly at the trials has been hilarious this year.’

While another wrote: ‘Dec telling Holly off for ‘Canoodling with the Campmates’ is hilarious.’

We’d stay well clear of the celebs in future if we were you, Holly – they’re covered in creepy crawlies!