The I'm a Celebrity cutie will NOT be having any jungle liaisons... despite the fact he is looking for love.

Nothing screams ‘sexy time’ quite like a kangaroo testicle, right?!

Okay, okay- we know. Pretty much *everything* screams ‘sexy time’ in comparison to the aforementioned kangaroo testicle.

However, this lil’ fact has done absolutely nothing to save Union J’George Shelley from receiving a good old cringe-worthy birds’n’bees talk from his mum- ahead of his arrival to the I’m a Celebrity camp this week.


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When asked by The Mirror of any interest in a lil’ jungle loving (in between Bushtucker trials, obvs), George explained ‘before I left Mum said, ‘Don’t do anything stupid and don’t say anything you’re going to regret’.

However, George’s jungle celibacy could all change if a certain Miss Grande were to grace the Aussie camp-site: ‘At the moment, my perfect girl is Ariana Grande. I think she’s the most stunning girl on the planet’.

And we would strongly advise any Ariana lookalikes start perfecting their chat-up lines, as the 22-year-old added ‘I am looking for love. I’ve been looking for a girlfriend for a while. I’ve been single too long’.

Already the bookies favourite to win, the cutie is looking forward to a good bit of (very platonic) bonding with his other campmates, ‘I feel like I am going to glue to people and make a lot of new friends in the jungle’.

Hey George, look at us! We’ve got our hair in a half ponytail! We’re like, so totally Ariana! (LOVE US)

Alice Perry