The footballer's behaviour made the BB star insecure

Former Big Brother 7 contestant Imogen Thomas‘s 6-month relationship with football star Jermain Defoe came to a stormy end in November last year, but she’s glad she’s single again.

Never knowing whether she could really trust ladies’ man Jermain made her nervous.

‘I knew what he was like, but his reputatiion never put me off because I like to judge somebody for myself,’ admits Imogen, 27.

The pair ‘practically lived together’ and even shared a cat but Jermain was always elusive.

‘One day I was at his house waiting for him to come home… He was gone for about 4 hours and, looking back, I’m sure he’d been with a girl,’ recalls Imogen.

‘I started having doubts… I’m usually quite a confident person and I’m not insecure about many things, but I started to become paranoid.’

Imogen was pushed to breaking point after Jermain, 28, began to receive calls and texts from other women. When confronted, he simply denied the allegations.

‘In the end it was my mum who told me to leave because she could see how unhappy I was,’ she says.

Jermain was at his mum’s and I packed up all my things and left. He’ll never change.’

Nadine Badresingh