Big Brother star pregnant by new love

Imogen Thomas has revealed that she plans to tell her unborn daughter or son all about her past when they’re old enough to understand.

The pregnant model, whose child is due in January, hit the headlines over her alleged affair with footballer Ryan Giggs.

‘I will tell them all about me – the good and the bad bits,’ says Imogen, 29.

‘They are all part of my life. I don’t regret things. I don’t see the point in regretting. But I am happy that I am in this place in my life now.’

Imogen has been dating the baby’s father, 25-year-old city trader Adam Horsley, since last October but is not planning on getting married any time soon.

‘Some people may presume that we will now move in together or get married but we are taking one step at a time,’ she tells The Sun.

‘Moving in together may happen later down the line but we are happy splitting our time between our homes.

‘And I don’t want to get married – I have never wanted to. The thought of being trapped in a marriage scares me. But we are committed to each other.’

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