She says cheating Chris Tarrant was a bully

Ingrid Tarrant alleges ex hubby Chris hit her when she confronted him over his cheating.

‘He was in one of his filthy, angry moods,’ says Ingrid, 52. ‘I was feeling very down and confused about his behaviour, so asked him if he was having an affair.’

As tempers flared, Ingrid manoeuvred to kick him.

‘He turned and belted me in the face,’ she tells The Sun. ‘It was in front of the kids. They were both screaming and I was hysterical.

‘Chris shouted to them: “I thought she was going to hit me.” My cheek hurt — but my pride hurt so much more.’

Ingrid claims Chris, 60, changed in the last two years of their marriage.

‘Chris became a real bully who couldn’t control his moods,’ she says. ‘He scared us all and the verbal abuse became increasingly more nasty and regular.’