Chris Tarrant's ex escapes with £500 fine

Ingrid Tarrant avoided being slapped with a driving ban yesterday – despite being involved in 2 motoring offences while having 9 points on her licence.

Chris Tarrant’s ex wife admitted separate incidents of speeding and talking on her mobile.

But she convinced the judge she needed her car for the school run as her son Toby, 16, is preparing for GCSE exams.

She claimed Chris would be unable to take on driving responsibilities. ‘I don’t want to rely on him in any way,’ she added. The couple also have a daughter Samantha, 19.

Ingrid, 53, was fined £500 and received 6 further points on her driving licence.

She split from Chris in 2006 when it emerged he’d been having an affair with teacher Fiona McKechnie for 7 years.

Chris, 61, also has 2 other children – Jennifer, 27, and Helen, 30 – from his first marriage. He completed a 6-month driving ban last year.

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