Poor Demi Moore's stuck in the middle!

Demi Moore’s got the body and face 
of a teenager and one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors to go home to each night, but behind closed doors the actress is entrenched in an agonising family spat.

Demi’s 22-year-old daughter Rumer Willis is caught in a feud with Ashton Kutcher that’s intensified to the point where she barely visits her mother’s home any more.

And a source tells Now she prefers to spend time with dad Bruce instead.

It was last September that the family were rocked by claims that Ashton had cheated on wife Demi, 48, with Brittney Jones, 21.

Despite the 33-year-old actor hotly denying Brittney’s claims, threatening legal action in the process, Rumer has yet to recover from the controversy.

‘Since those allegations, Rumer refuses to hang out with her mum and be at the family house,’ says our source.

Rumer and Demi were always inseparable – they did everything together, 
from working to parties 
- and now they’re 
barely speaking.

Demi’s really upset. She hates the fact it’s coming between her and her daughter. 
But she’s married to Ashton and thinks Rumer needs to get over it.

‘Deep down she knows she’s only mad because she loves her so much and hates to see her hurting, but she’s going over the top by refusing to come to the house.’

Read the full story about Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis in Now magazine dated 28 February 2011 – out now!

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