A peek into the world of the one person with any control over Madonna!

Madonna‘s 12-year-old daughter Lourdes has got her own stylist, has Eve Lom facials and gets driven to school in a limousine. She’s accompanied by bodyguards on shopping trips and even has her eyebrows expertly shaped.

Yet her mum insists she’s been brought up strictly. She bans all her children from watching television, saying: ‘TV is trash. We don’t have magazines or newspapers in the house, either.’ Lourdes is also banned from tucking into junk food. One stewardess on a private jet tells that staff were once even told off for giving Lourdes a birthday cake.

While Lourdes has been described by one family friend as ‘polite, bright and streetwise’, she’s also inherited some of her mother’s strong will and dominant personality.

Lourdes was so embarrassed about the limo that took her to the Lycée in London [her French school] every day, she made the driver drop her round the corner from school,’ says another source.

Learning that her daughter had experimented with smoking was a shock. ‘Madonna was horrified when Lourdes admitted it – and she offered her a huge cash incentive to stay away from cigarettes,’ the friend adds.

Lourdes may wear Wayfarer shades and enjoy top beauty treatments, but she’s still wearing braces on her teeth and is a long way off adulthood in Madonna’s eyes. The upcoming teenage years will be challenging for the singer.

In a hilarious role reversal, Lourdes tells her mum off for wearing clothes that she considers ‘inappropriate’ for a 50-year-old. Friends say she accepts that on stage it’s another matter because she knows Madonna’s playing a part.

Lourdes, who is very close to her mother, has also been giving Madge boyfriend advice since she split up with director Guy Ritchie, 40.

‘Whenever Lourdes meets a man in Madonna’s company, she later gives him a mark out of 10 to her mum,’ says the friend. ‘She was very dismissive about model Jesus Luz, 22, until Madonna reassured her he wasn’t a serious date.

‘When Madonna was married to Guy, he said he found it tough because Lourdes was such a mummy’s girl. If he had a beer at home, she’d tell Madonna. She’s grown close to her dad [dancer Carlos Leon], but Lourdes and Madonna have the tightest bond.’

See the full story about Lourdes in Now magazine dated 27 July 2009 – out now!


 Beth McLoughlin