X Factor is shaping up for a showdown with Strictly...


He’s been getting bent out of shape about missing out in the ratings war to Strictly Come Dancing. So we wonder what Simon Cowell has up his sleeve in order to claw X Factor back onto the top of the podium? Because one thing’s for sure he is a very sore loser.

Revealing all on the Clare Balding show, Piers Morgan revealed Simon IS plotting a comeback.

‘He hates losing so I am sure he’s in a filthy mood,’ Piers said. ‘He’s so competitive and will be plotting his fight back against them. They [Strictly] may have won the battle but I wouldn’t count on them winning the war.’

So what dirty tricks could be on Si‘s mind? Below we check out his past rating boosting tricks/dirty tactics. Here’s his usual seven point plan:

1. Sack a judge

Nothing like a bit of scandal to get viewers all excited and Simon‘s got form for it. Remember when Kelly Brook was on Britain’s Got Talent for, like, one day? Actually it might have been half a day…

2. Get a judge to throw some water over one of the other judges

Sharon Osbourne’s moment drenching Louis Walsh was a hit with fans who watched and re-watched it on catch up when they’d already seen it 10 times over.

3. Get another live car crash moment

Late singer Whitney Houston’s wild-eyed wardrobe malfunction gave X Factor a ratings bounce. Special guests on the show have always pulled in record numbers. Britney would be a great shout…

4. Get Cheryl Cole to sing live

Well, she will probably mime and Twitter goes wild with comments. Louis is always being rude about Cheryl’s vocal talents so here’s her chance to prove him wrong. And everyone loves it when Louis gets wound up about being wrong.

5. Pull out the stops for the final

It’s be a bitter pill to swallow but with past winners – including the likes of One Direction – returning to the show to perform with finalists the end result always packs in viewers.

6. Girl on girl judge action

If all else fails, resort to that fail safe girlie smooch as a sure-fire ratings winner. At the moment Mel B and Cheryl can hardly manage a genuine smile but a bit of a nudge of Cowell or threat of the sack could do the trick..

7. Dump a favourite

Get rid of a favourite early on. From Gamu-gate ages ago to Tamera Foster last year there’s really nothing that gets the troops talking and tuning in more than an injustice of kicking someone off what should have won, innit.

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