Elliot Giles spoke to Now at our scorching summer party!


He’s racking up followers on social media quicker than you can say ‘Now mag rules’, so it was only fitting that prankster and internet sensation, Elliot Giles attended our celebrity filled summer party, dah-ling.

Elliot, 18, shot to fame when he posted a video of himself with partner-in-crime Ben Phillips, back in March.

‘It started off when I was coming back from Scotland one time and I was sitting in the front and we got an ice cream from McDonalds. We stuck on my head and went ‘neigh’ (neighs like horse) and that’s it.’

Simple eh?!

Elliot is blimmin’ hilarious. If you haven’t seen his videos then they’re totally a must-see! He’s even been on stage with pop band, The Vamps.

The Cardiff-born prankster is set to have a summer of pranking, which according to Elliot, ‘should be interesting’, although he doesn’t just pull the pranks…

‘I do prank people, but I get pranked as well so it’s difficult to say!’

Speaking at the Now summer party which launched the Smart Girls Fake It summer skin care campaign with Superdrug, we caught up with Elliot to chat all things summer!

So what’s his most embarrassing summer story?

‘I was walking in a shopping centre and I fell down the stairs, I was running and I fell. This is pretty embarrassing because it’s fairly recent,’ laughed Elliot, adding:

‘About half an hour after I got punched in the face by an old man!’

Erm, interesting…

Elliot may be chocka-busy with his pranking but that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to some summer lovin’. When we spoke to the man himself at our lavish do, Elliot admitted that despite not having a girlfriend, he could potentially be interested in a seasonal romance.

Ladies, take note!

Elliot revealed: ‘I’m a person you can have a laugh with but can also be flirtatious when I need to be.’

Oooh, we like!

So what’s coming up for Elliot and his co-star Ben?

‘There’s a lot more to come. Let’s just say someone else will be pranking Ben,’ admitted Elliot.

We. Can’t. Wait!


Lucy Gornall