Star's relationship with minder is put in the spotlight

Angelina Jolie’s relationship with Brad Pitt looks to be under strain over claims that she’s fallen for her British bodyguard.

The actress has forged such a close friendship with her security guy, known only as Billy, that she even calls him by the pet name ‘Chisel’ because of his toned torso.

Until recently, Billy was part of the Special Air Service (SAS). Naturally, as an ex-commando, the 35-year-old hunk is super-fit and lifts weights and runs for at least an hour a day.

‘Brad and Angie trust him with their lives and the lives of their children,’ an insider tells NOW.

‘But he worries that Angie could be developing too close a bond with the new security guy.’

When the 32-year-old mum of four fainted on the set of The Changeling last month, it was Billy – not Brad – who was there for her.

Two and a half weeks ago, Billy escorted Angelina to a screening of her movie A Mighty Heart in Los Angeles.

Body language expert Dr Glenn Wilson confirms to NOW that while there’s no evidence of anything improper, the pictures show the pair are very relaxed and happy in each other’s company.

‘Billy’s not behaving like a minion or an employee, so it’s clear that they’re on very good terms and find each other interesting,’ he says.

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