WAG and fashionista, Coleen Rooney, shares her secrets to a strong marriage, keeping fit and baby No 3

They met when they were 12 years old and within just a few years Coleen Rooney went from ordinary schoolgirl to queen WAG after her husband Wayne Rooney found success as a footy star. Nearly two decades later, Wayne, 29, is an England football legend, Coleen, 28, has her own empire of clothing lines, fitness DVDs and books, and the couple have two children, Kai, five, and one-year-old Klay. They’ve been married since June 2008 and, despite a few blips along the way, now have one of the strongest relationships in showbiz. But with busy careers and two little boys to look after, how do they keep their relationship alive? Coleen reveals all…

Having two young children must keep you and Wayne busy. How do you make time for each other?

We have a date night once a week. We go out once a week, maybe for dinner, to the cinema or a concert. We make sure we have that time together. It’s nice to sit down and actually talk, listen and update each other about how we’re getting on at work and so on. If I have any advice to parents, it’s to make sure you have that – even if it’s once every two weeks – because it can get a bit stressful and tiring.

The boys are growing up fast – are they like you or Wayne?

It’s a bit hard to tell with Klay because he’s only one, but I can see he’s different to Kai. Kai’s a mixture of me and Wayne. He’s outgoing, confident and likes performing, which he gets from me. Then he’s got a mischievous side, which Wayne‘s mum said he had when he was younger. He’s always thinking of what to do next and that’s how Wayne is – he’s always thinking about things. Kai looks more like Wayne, while Klay looks more like my brother, but they’ve both got Wayne‘s eyes. Klay has a softer side to him than Kai. They’re both energetic, always wanting to do things.

Would you like a daughter?

A little girl would be nice to complete the family, but I love the boys – they’re real mummy’s boys! So if I had another boy, I’d be happy. You’ve got to be grateful that you can actually have children, so I don’t mind.

Has your body changed much since having children?

Yes, it really changes your shape. After I had Kai, my body completely changed. My back’s a bit bigger. I didn’t go back to what I was before I had him. And also with Klay, in different ways. I’m quite confident in myself and my body, though. I think that makes all the difference.

What body confidence advice would you give to mums?

I think it’s something you learn with age. When I was younger I used to wear things that were in style but maybe didn’t suit me. Over time, you learn to dress for yourself and your figure. I always try to get things that come in at the waist because it’s smaller than other parts of my body. Things like belted, high-waisted prom-style dresses.

You’re in great shape at the moment – how do you keep fit

Last year I started Pilates. I go to two classes a week. And I go to the gym, which is mostly weight training. I’d like to do more cardio, but having two kids I haven’t got time. Also, I absolutely hate it!

What’s your diet like?

It varies, but at home I’ll have scrambled eggs or an omelette for breakfast. For lunch, I’ll have a ham salad. For dinner , we have different things every night as a family. Monday to Thursday I’m quite good at sticking to healthy eating, but Friday to Sunday it all goes downhill! I enjoy a takeaway or going out to eat – and a glass of wine at the weekend. I think if you’ve got that balance, it’s OK.

What do you treat yourself to?

I love savoury – I like a bowl of crisps. I’m not a big chocolate person, but I do like a Chinese.

You’re working with Cancer Research UK at the moment – tell us about the campaign.

I’m fronting the Race For Life campaign. This year the theme is the Pink Army – it’s warrior-themed to represent strong women. It’s nice to help raise awareness and money for such a great charity.

To raise money for or take part in one of over 300 nationwide events for Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life, visit raceforlife.org