Cheryl Cole still has very deep feelings for ex husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl Cole‘s secret reunion with ex-husband Ashley Cole at their former marital home is believed to have taken place.

As Now reports in this week’s issue, the Girls Aloud star has unfinished business with the Chelsea footballer, who never wanted their marriage to end.

There’s still a lot of love between Cheryl and Ashley and there always will be,’ reveals our source.

It was Ashley’s idea that Cheryl come over to their former Surrey home for dinner.

‘They’ve stayed in touch since the divorce and talk often.’

Ashley, 30, is said to have watched Cheryl, 27, in her Piers Morgan’s Life Stories interview in November and been given hope about their relationship because of the emotional way she talked about him.

Ashley had been absolutely dreading it,’ says an insider. ‘He’d feared another bucketload of shit after all the media criticism of him. But Cheryl only spoke of love and tenderness. She couldn’t have been nicer.’

Cheryl told Piers: ‘I felt like were meant for each other. Apart from the obvious, [Ashley] never treat us bad.

‘There’s part of us that’ll always love him – big part of me life…I love what we had.

‘When I got married I was euphoric, it was the happiest day of me life.

‘I would never have took me vows if I hadn’t believed it was forever,

‘There was no sense of it not working, complete and utter happiness, total trust…’

Ashley, whose brief fling with Kayla Collins, 23, has ended, is also reported to have phoned Cheryl last week and asked to meet her after the National Television Awards, where she showed off her new tattoo in a backless bondage dress.

‘He has been getting some positive signals from Cheryl and has been responding to them,’ a friend claims in the News of The World.

‘They talked for 10 minutes. It was obvious from his reaction she was unsure – but only because she was worried they’d be pictured. She wasn’t against the idea of meeting.’

A spokesman for Cheryl says: ‘Cheryl did not meet Ashley last week.

‘She did not speak to him either.’ 

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