Signs spark claims that Tom's successfully recruited Becks in LA

Ever since the Beckhams moved to LA, fanatical Tom Cruise has been desperate to recruit them to Scientology. And as David’s star rises Stateside, Tom is upping his efforts to an all-time high.

Superstar Tom, 46, is now Scientologist chief David Miscavige’s right-hand man, in charge of recruitment and advertising for the organisation.

David, 33, and Victoria’s spokesman told us that Posh and Becks have no intention or inclination to join the cult but Tom has already successfully recruited other celebs.

Will Smith has funded a school that teaches Scientology and when Tom was dating Penélope Cruz, he coaxed her into going to meetings.

Last October, David said: ‘We respect their religion. We respect everything they do and believe in. But they have never turned around to us and said: “You have to be a part of this”, because that’s not what they’re about.’ 

But has the soccer star changed his mind?

According to a website that exposes members, a ‘David Beckham’ has studied OT level 3, which if part of Scientology’s secret ‘Advanced Technology’ doctrines taught only to members who’ve already contributed large amounts of money to the cult.

Chris White

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