A former Scientologist claims the football star might be...

Could our very own David Beckham become the latest A-list recruit to Scientology? A former member claims that the church is on a mission to recruit more celebrity members from the UK – and Becks is good friends with its poster boy Tom Cruise after all.

With David and Tom spending more and more time together during the Hollywood actor’s latest UK
visit – on 1 March they enjoyed a lavish dinner in London with their director pal Guy Ritchie
– is there a possibility that David, 39, could join Tom, 52, as a member of the church?

Ex-Scientologist Samantha Domingo, who worked at its Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles and was a member of the religion for over 20 years, tells Now: ‘Tom’s No 1 priority is Scientology. He’s an honorary Sea Org member and now the No 2 in Scientology worldwide. Tom loves hanging out with David and I’m sure he’d welcome David into Scientology.’

According to Samantha, Scientology leaders love celebrities such as the Beckhams as they have the money and fame to spread their message to the world, in turn encouraging more people to join. Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss is a member, as is John Travolta.

Despite Samantha’s claims, David’s always insisted that Tom has never tried to recruit him. While Tom was married to Katie Holmes, David revealed: ‘We respect their religion. We respect everything they do and believe in. But they’ve never turned around to us and said: “You have to be a part of this,” because that’s not what they’re about. It’s never been about that.’

Victoria, 40, also confirmed that they’d spoken about the religion but recruitment wasn’t a part of it. Back in 2010 she said: ‘I mean, Tom and Katie – they’ve mentioned it to us. But, no, they didn’t try
to hook us and reel us in.’

Founded in 1952 by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, Scientology has been branded a cult with opposers claiming it turns members away from family and friends. A new film documentary on the religion, Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison Of Belief claims Scientology contributed to the break-up of Tom’s marriage to Nicole Kidman in 2001 – and that they tapped her phone without Tom’s knowledge to help gather ‘evidence’ as to why they should break up.

Although a spokesperson for the church insisted: ‘This is not a film that is objective about Scientology. It is propaganda,’ Tom has previously admitted Katie Holmes filed for divorce in 2012 in part due to his involvement with Scientology. And both Katie and Nicole left Scientology after their marriages ended.

Tom has even signed a billion-year contract to prove his commitment. ‘He believes he’ll come back to Earth in his next life and after he’s “cleared” Earth he’ll go on to a planet called Target 2 and clear that – that’s how far he is embroiled with this church,’ says Samantha. ‘It’s not just
for life – it’s for eternity as far as he’s concerned.’

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