Four contestants on Bear Grylls' show are actually producers


Intrepid adventurer Bear Grylls has come under fire after it’s emerged that FOUR of the contestants on The Island are in fact TV producers.

On the Channel 4 survival show, which has returned for a second series, 40-year-old Bear leaves 28 contestants to fend for themselves on an island. Four of those contestants however are producers and there are concerns they could give the ‘survivors’ expert advice.

Bear has admitted that the four pros are ‘experienced camera guys’, adding: ‘It’s not Made in Chelsea where you think you’re seeing reality but actually its sort of semi-planned.’

Bear added: ‘But if you look at the stories to come out of the island, if you try to produce stories like that, it would never, ever work. It genuinely doesn’t happen.’

A Channel 4 spokesperson added: ‘We have always been clear that some of the islanders are trained crew.’

Two of the producers on The Island are Bafta winners, Sam Farmar and Fiona Cotter-Craig, with Fiona having acquired previous experience on TV reality show, 24 Hours In The Past; a show which involves famous faces surviving on rations.

It’s not the first time that Bear has come under attack.

In the first series of The Island, which aired last year, it turned out that Bear was providing some of the contestants with a source of food and water.

Mark Weinert, a survival consultant brought in for the programme said: ‘If you really believe everything happens the way it is shown on TV, you are being a little bit naïve.’

* The Island continues tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

Lucy Gornall