Psychologist Rebekah Fensome reveals the reasons Geri Halliwell could be headed for a lifetime of loneliness

Despite enjoying almost two decades of girl power (and an estimated £20 million fortune), Geri Halliwell‘s a self-confessed failure when it comes to love.

Online betting entrepreneur Anton Kaszubowski, 38, is her latest boyf to bite the dust – she described him as ‘boring’ after just four months.

So will she ever find ‘the one’?

Psychologist Rebekah Fensome examines what Geri, 40, says about love – and what it really means.

Geri falls for the wrong men

Geri says: ‘I like young guys because they match my libido…’

Rebekah says: ‘She sees dating young men as a challenge, but they’re less likely to want to settle down, which might mean Geri‘s addicted to heartache.’

Geri has low self-esteem

Geri says: ‘Only by loving myself will I be able to love someone else.’

Rebekah says: ‘What you feel is what you attract.

Geri has low self-esteem – evident in her partying and bulimia battle.

‘If you’re unstable you won’t attract a guy who wants family life.’

She’s an attention seeker

Geri says: ‘I dated this guy, then we split up.

‘I said: I want someone who adores me.”

‘He said: “You’re fab,” and I said: “Fab isn’t enough.”‘

Rebekah says: ‘Her comments are immature and ego-driven.

‘Her need for attention might mean no man will ever be enough.’

Geri’s a scorned woman

Geri says: ‘Men are like dogs who can’t be trusted.

‘Why am I so intimidating? So many men are spineless.’

Rebekah says: ‘Her terrible generalisations scream she’s been hurt badly.

‘Therapy could help her work through these issues.’

Read more about Geri Halliwell and her exes in Now magazine dated 15 April 2013 – out now!


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