Lena posted this image and caption on Instagram!

We were left feeling very excited after Lena Dunham posted this apparently innocuous snap of some crackers with the caption: ‘The best food for pregnant, drunk OR sad people…’

OMG! Could Lena have… deep breath.. a baby on board?

‘Are you pregnant?’ one followers asked the star, while another wrote, ‘Are you trying to tell us something?’

The US tabloids have seemingly been obsessed with about the Girls creator getting up the duff – just a few weeks ago there were reports that she was expecting a baby after sporting what some deemed to be a baby bump.

We have to say we think.. although it pains us.. that Lena is just playing here and that she is probably only drunk or hungry, or possibly both.

But we can but hope…

Lena is definitely loved up with her man -guitarist Jack Antonoff, but she’s spoken about how the two of them won’t be tying the knot until there’s marriage equality in all 50 US states.

The outspoken Girls creator talked marriage with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently and explained why she’s putting off walking down the aisle. ‘The idea of having a celebration that can’t be fully shared among all the people in my life and all the people that we love just doesn’t really feel like a celebration at all,’ the 28-year-old said.

‘So until that’s something that everyone can join into with no sense of being left out on any level – politically, emotionally – it’s just not something that we’re going to do.’

The two-time Golden Globe winner and the musician have been pretty public about their relationship since they began dating in 2012 after being set up on a blind date – and she made headlines earlier this year when she began wearing a ring on her ring finger.

‘That ring that everyone was talking about is a friendship ring I wear’ she said. Adding: ‘I love my boyfriend, I’m very lucky to call him my life partner, but you will sooner see me pregnant with twins,’ she added.

And her bf is keen too: ‘I think it’s biological. I’m 30. I’m not that young, right? I’m not, like, 24 or 22. I’m no longer in the phase of my life where I talk about everything as in the future. Like, I’m in the future,’ Jack said. Um. Yay!

Sofia Zagzoule