BB pair's vicious nightclub row signals trouble

Big Brother stars Ziggy and Chanelle’s relationship is in pieces after a huge row in a London nightclub.

The couple clashed when 19-year-old Chanelle went to the Wardor Club on Friday night and spotted Ziggy partying with girlfriends.

‘Ziggy had not told her he was going and she was furious,’ a friend tells the People. ‘She felt stupid for not knowing and thought he was trying to avoid her.’

The couple had a huge bust-up with Chanelle yelling, ‘I can’t believe you are dumping me!’

Friends predict they won’t last much longer.

‘So many things that were not a problem in the house are an issue in the real world,’ a pal reveals.’

Ummm, what about Chanelle flouncing off the show because of the tensions in their relationship? It was pretty rocky from the start.

Chanelle’s spokesman admits the fight occurred but assured: ‘I’m sure they will work it out.’

Holly Arnold