New hair colour, less make-up, an anti-ageing diet… Jordan’s had an interesting makeover

Her trademark style is glamour model, but over the past month Katie Price’s quietly undergone a makeover.

Recently we’ve noticed she’s covered up her cleavage, gone for more natural make-up and dyed her hair brunette.

The mum of three debuted her new brown locks last week on a family day out at Legoland.

So what’s prompted this new conservative look?

Those close to Katie point out that the timing couldn’t be more significant, coming just weeks after her ex-husband Peter Andre, 39, went public with his new girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, 23 – who just 
so happens to be a brunette.

A source explains: ‘Seeing pics of Emily looking fresh-faced with dark hair made her question her own appearance.

‘Emily seems 
to remind Katie how she used to look and she knows that Pete liked her brunette.

Katie wants people to say about her: “She looks younger with dark hair.”‘

As Now recently revealed, Katie, 34, has taken a 
keen interest in Peter’s 
new medical student girlfriend – by obsessing over Emily‘s 100 per cent natural appearance.

Jordan’s spokesperson tells Now: ‘Katie regularly changes the way she looks.

‘This has nothing to do with 
any third party.’

Read more about Katie Price and Peter Andre in Now magazine dated 3 September 2012 – out now!

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