Friends fear that marriage could ruin the Celebrity Big Brother winner

Everyone knows that Jordan likes to be the one in control, but has she gone too far this time with new husband Alex Reid?

Friends claim that lovesick Alex is being treated like a lapdog.

As Now first reported, the pair were already bickering within hours of their Las Vegas wedding ceremony and Alex has already resorted to therapy to cope with his new-found fame.

Now Jordan‘s forced him to quit his management company and the cage fighter has swapped his long-term publicist for Jordan‘s agent.

This week, Alex jetted off to the US to continue filming for his Bravo TV series Fight Of His Life – and it may prove to be a welcome respite for the 34-year-old.

Now’s source says: Jordan‘s being quite cruel to Alex at the moment, a bit like how she always claimed Peter treated her – rude and belittling her.

‘She can be quite curt and last week she even slagged off his family to his face. It was awful to see.

He gets shouted at for the smallest things, like leaving his clothes on the floor.

‘They come across like a pair who’ve been married for years and bicker constantly. Friends have even started referring to him as an “emotional punchbag”.’

Part of 31-year-old Jordan‘s rage comes from jealousy, as Alex is flavour of the month since his CBB win.

She was furious that an invite for the Alice In Wonderland film premiere last Thursday came addressed to Alex and not her…

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