Jo Calderone seems to be the male ego of the eccentric star...


Lady Gaga continues to tease  fans about her sexuality and gender.

‘I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself female,’ she’s reported to have once joked, before dismissing the quote as ‘ridiculous’.

Despite denying she’s hermaphrodite, the eccentric star now appears to have ‘dragged up’ to pose as butch alter ego Jo Calderone for Vogue Homme Japan.

The camera shy ‘male’ model on the front cover of the new September issue strongly resembles the female pop star.

The buzz around the photoshoot started at the begining of July when Gaga‘s pal Nicola Formichetti posted snaps on his blog of ‘Jo Calderone’.

Fans flooded online forums desperate to know if 24-year-old Gaga – real name Stefani Germanotta – was cross dressing.

Lookalike ‘Sicilian mechanic’ Jo has short, slicked-back dark hair and wears a sleevless white T-shirt.

In the interview in Vogue Homme, Jo insists he is just a friend of the singer.

‘I met her at a shoot Nick Knight was doing,’ he/she says. ‘She’s f****in’ beautiful, and funny, and interesting.

‘I was a little nervous for Nick to start shooting. 

‘She said: “Don’t be baby, you were born this way”. I took her out and the rest is private.’

Check out the snaps of Lady Gaga and decide for yourself.

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Reena Sewraz