Couple set date for wedding, but is it a smokescreen?

Arun Nayar has announced that he and Elizabeth Hurley will marry in India early next year, but friends reckon the real event may well be much sooner.

The Indian businessman, who has been dating the 41-year-old Austin Powers’ actress for three years, says: ‘We aim to marry real soon, probably in February in Udaipur, when it is not too hot.’

However, those close to the couple are convinced their nuptials are actually just 16 days away.

Friends believe a planned party in Udaipur on 9 November – officially to mark Arun’s mother’s birthday and the couple’s engagement – will actually be the real wedding.

A friend told the Daily Mirror: ‘Many of us feel this isn’t the rehearsal, but the wedding itself.’

Arun and Liz, both 41, have announced they will have a second ceremony in England.

Celebrities expected to attend are Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish, soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria and Liz’s former love Hugh Grant.