As Sarah Jessica Parker's twins arrive, her baby news is tainted with betrayal amid new claims her husband's been unfaithful

Sarah Jessica Parker must have beamed as she welcomed her new surrogate twin daughters into the world last Tuesday. But as fresh allegations surface in the US that husband Matthew Broderick had a fling with a high-profile woman in her forties, will the twins be enough to save her marriage?

Their surrogate, 26-year-old bisexual tattooed rocker Michelle Ross, gave birth to Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, both weighing close to 6lb, at a hospital in Ohio on what should have been a very happy day for Sarah, 44, and Matthew, 47. In a statement, they said: ‘The babies are doing beautifully and the family’s over the moon.’

But the fresh allegations, which are as yet unproven, are said to have rocked Sarah.

‘She and Matthew have been focusing all their energy and thoughts on the girls,’ our source says. ‘Matthew arrived in Ohio separately, straight from a performance of his play The Philanthropist in New York. He and Sarah cried as they held the twins – she’s longed for a daughter.’

According to our source, Sarah is determined to make her marriage work for the sake of their children. She’s been pushing for this surrogacy, having struggled to conceive after having son James in 2002.

Sarah’s made no secret that she’s always wanted to fuss over a girl and to raise her like a “little lady” with manners, confidence and ambition,’ our source says.

‘She’s long felt that her marriage was lacking something and had gone off-track. She felt that she and Matthew had drifted apart and lost some of their enthusiasm for family life. He knows it’s important to Sarah and so he’s been very involved in the surrogate’s pregnancy.

Sarah admits that the problems in her marriage were not caused by just Matthew. She believes that marriage is a partnership and requires teamwork. The last couple of years have been rocky, but she and Matthew have recommitted themselves to their life together with the arrival of the twins. Sarah’s hoping for a new era in her marriage.’

The last couple of years have indeed been rocky. Last July, a US magazine reported that Matthew had a three-month affair with a 25-year-old youth worker. It was never denied by the couple, with their spokesman only saying: ‘There will be no comment.’

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