Niall Horan and Jade Thirwell were dancing together this weekend and we've got high hopes for this new One-Mix relationship

The Internet never does anything by halves, so when a Vine came out at the weekend of One Direction’s Niall Horan and Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall hanging out and having a right jolly ol’ knees up together, the online world went into overdrive.

Yes, yes, we know that guys and gals are perfectly capable of just being friends, and there’s a chance that this is all this is. But c’mon, you can’t deny that these two popstars wouldn’t make an adorable couple together! Here are 5 reasons why:

1.) They’ll be pop music’s new perfect couple
Move over Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, there’s a new pop power couple in town! The 1D boys and Mixer girls are already acquainted with one another through Zayn and Perrie’s relationship, so there’d be no awkward ‘meeting one another’s friend groups’ situations.

2.) They already know how to dance together
The short 5 sec clip shows the two of them having a little dance together as Niall twirls Jade around like a beautiful ballerina. We’ve all seen Jade rock a dance routine in Little Mix music videos, and Niall bust out his own, erm, unique style of dancing – so just imagine the dance moves this pair would create together.

3.) Because we could call them #Niade
The 1D and Little Mix fandom never fail to impress us with how quickly they work, and lo-and-behold, Niall and Jade have already got a ship name together. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting: Niade. Rather catchy don’t you think?

4.) They’ve got X Factor history
Both Jade and Niall were born into fame out of the X Factor womb, so they understand the stresses of performing live in front of Simon Cowell, and being told they’re like a young version of a former popstar by Louis Walsh. Now they’re both performing around the world in sold-out arenas. It’s just One Mix (see what we did there?) of X Factor brilliance!

5.) They’d make sweet music together
This may be a long shot, but could you imagine how catchy and cute it would be if these two sang a duet together?! We’re thinking a cover of Frozen favourite Love Is An Open Door, or a mash-up of Move and Best Song Ever. We’ll leave A Whole New World to Katie Price and Peter Andre

With half of the One Direction fandom thinking that this coupling would be the best thing since sliced bread, and the other half thinking it’s a ludicrous idea, we’re going to leave the two little munchkins to it.

Whether just friends, or there’s a romance blossoming, can we get an invite for this pair’s next night out please!

Amy Lo