Fans angry at Coachella snap

Rita Ora, 22, has upset fans by posting a snap of herself holding a fake gun on Instagram.

The ‘wifey’ of Cara Delevingne, 20, has been hanging out with singers Cassie, 26, and Adrienne Bailon, 29, at US music festival Coachella.

The trio posed for a provocative shot holding fake gold guns and licking their lips.

In the picture the star’s wearing an oversized basketball shirt, white
trousers and half-moon shades as she stands on a balcony with her

#rockabyeangels @casandrae @adrienne_bailon #fakegoldguns of course,’ Rita posted.

The photo has led to outrage from fans as they criticise her for glamourising gun crime.

‘You are an idiot. Young children look up to you. Fake or not, promoting guns to look ‘cool’ is totally out of order,’ commented one follower.

Your sooooo cool, NOT! Stop trying to be a gangsta rita & most of all stop promoting gun crime,’ wrote another.

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