Uh-oh! We imagine Katie Hopkins isn't having the best day right now!

After calling Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa’s baby ‘scary’ because of how she looks, Katie Hopkins is now dealing with having her Twitter account hacked!

On Sunday morning, Katie’s profile picture changed to one of her with an unflattering double chin and her user name changed to Jiggle Jaws Katie!

Now, to be honest, we don’t really feel like we can publish some of the posts that then appeared on her account after that but if you’re over 18 and aren’t easily offended we suggest you take a look.

But in typical hacking style there was a sex tape that was promised!


Yes, 200 retweets happened and then there was a link posted to Porn Hub. We told you not to look if you were easily offended!

Oh and even TOWIE’s Ricky Rayment got involved as he still wasn’t happy with Katie after he called Ella Osborne scary.

It then emerged that it was a guy called Phil Olbison who had done the hacking and it seemed like he had ALOT of fans out there in the big, wild world of the Internet.


Uh-oh. We’re guessing Katie Hopkins is either loving this or hating this right now!

Katie Hopkins got EastEnders and TOWIE fans on her bad side yesterday when she insulted recently engaged Jaqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne’s baby girl, Ella. Katie posted a picture of the new mum and her daughter and wrote: ‘Hairy babies really scare me. Like finding a spider on your pillow.’ 

Yup, we thought it was a bit mean too. But, like any parentls Jacquline and Dan leapt to their daughters defence and Dan branded Katie a ‘pathertic, desperate human being.’

Recent reports have emerged that Dan could be heading to Katie’s old stomping ground, the Big Brother house after being axed from TOWIE.

If so, we’ll definitely be tuning in!


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