Say it isn't so…

Despite The Saturdays assuring fans that releasing a best of album – Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits followed by a greatest hits tour didn’t mean they would be splitting up, there are some new breakup signs that have us pulling worried faces.

So what’s got us deepening our frown lines? Well, Rochelle Humes and Vanessa White have gone and changed their Twitter handles.

Like the rest of the group, Rochelle and Vanessa always used to have TheSats attached to their name on Twitter, but this has suddenly disappeared, simply leaving them as @VanessaWhite and @RochelleHumes.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Are The Saturdays subtly trying to tell us they’re over? Oh god, it’s like when you’re trying to dump with someone so start subtly moving your stuff out of their house.

The other three girls, Frankie BridgeUna Foden and Mollie King have kept their original Twitter handles, but Rochelle and Frankie were the only ones to tweet their congratulations to Una for her contestant, Patrick Donohue, winning the Irish version of The Voice last night.

Rochelle posted: ‘Huge congrats to @UnaTheSats @iAmPatrickD for their massive success on winning @RTETheVoice tonight! Big congratulations to you both’

In the past The Saturdays have had to deny rumours that they were splitting. Last year, while promoting their Greatest Hits album, Una revealed to This Morning that they were working on album number six.

‘We’re still plugging at it, we are,’ she told Ruth Langsford.

‘We’re actually doing another album – we’ve got another coming out after the Greatest Hits, so it’s definitely not the last, we’ve got plenty more to come.’

While nothing much more has been said about the album, the girls are all leading incredibly busy lives. Frankie has her second baby on the way, Una has been balancing being a mum-of-two and being a coach on The Voice, and Rochelle has been busying herself with presenting jobs, she’s currently working on Saturday night prime time show Ninja Warrior UK on ITV1.

So is this the beginning of the end for The Saturdays, is it time for us to start playing Forever Is Over on repeat while sobbing?