Jada and Will Smith have been married for 17 years. Now she lets us in on the trick to keeping their relationship alive...

After 17 solid years of marriage to Will Smith, wife Jada Pinkett Smith has opened up about the secrets of their successful marriage.

During a recent interview with Howard Stern, Jada hinted that her and Will, 46, share a very, erm, ‘relaxed’ outlook on marriage and that’s how they keep things fresh.

The 43-year-old Gotham actress opened up saying she is ‘not the kind of woman who believes a man isn’t going to be attracted to other women’ and preaches ‘if a man can’t see the beauty in another woman then how the hell is he going to see yours!’ Sassy!

When asked about her previous interview with Oprah, where Jada explained she would have no problem with Will seeing another woman providing he could ‘look at himself in the mirror and be okay’, the actress replied that she is not her husbands ‘watcher’ and that he is a ‘grown man’.

When Jada was then asked if she would discourage her kids, Willow, 14 and Jaden, 16, from marrying young the star exclaimed: ‘Heck yeah, don’t do it!’ and credited her husband being a ‘gangster partner’ as the reason for their longevity.

But what exactly does this ‘gangster’ behaviour involve? Jada and Will are no strangers to the ‘open-relationship’ rumour but have never confirmed the claims.

The pair have always openly discussed the unconventional aspects of their relationship. They even altered their marital vows. ‘In our marriage we didn’t say forsaking all others,’ explained Will, and they also refuse to ‘avoid what’s natural’…pretty gangster, we guess.

Jada also wasn’t shy in spilling the beans on their sex life either. ‘I love dressing up and playing different parts in public so you can imagine what I’m like in private,’ she said.

Erm, that’s a bit TMI, Jada, but each to their own!

Alice Perry