Kylie Jenner’s romance with Tyga has always been controversial - but does Kendall approve?

Whilst Kendall Jenner is busy conquering the fashion world in her modelling career, little sister Kylie has been hitting the headlines for very different reasons.


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18-year-old Kylie’s controversial romance with rapper Tyga, 25, has proved a particularly big talking point over the last few months but Kendall, 19, has never really voiced her opinion on the relationship – until now.

Kylie posted what appears to be a screenshot from Kendall’s Snapchat yesterday on her Instagram account and it suggests that Kendall finds the liaison between her and Tyga a bit stomach-churning!

The image shows a picture of Kylie and Tyga cuddling up with the word ‘ew’ scribed across the photo, presumably written by Kendall.

Luckily Kylie saw the funny side of the joke and captioned the post: ‘thanks Kendall’

Her followers were clearly tickled by it too as the snap has received more than 1.5 million likes so far.

There are obviously no hard feelings between the siblings over Kendall’s joke either. Kylie shared a clip of the pair hanging out yesterday and cutely added: ‘the ostrich to my heart’

We don’t entirely get the ostrich reference but Kendall has her hair in a messy topknot in the clip, so maybe Kyles thinks she resembles the lanky bird? Answers on a postcard please.

Kylie gives her sister a hug in the footage as they pose for the camera and mess about together, with Tyga nowhere to be seen.

It sounds like they’ve been having a lot of laughs recently in fact. Kylie yesterday reTweeted a funny message posted by Kendall in 2013 reading ‘Kylie and I are such G’s’. Oh girls, what are you like?

We’re glad to see that the Jenner ladies are still as close as ever despite their increasingly busy lives.

Kendall is continuing to take the high fashion world by storm and just a few days ago announced her latest campaign for H&M and Balmain.

Meanwhile Kylie has launched her own website and app which have been CRAZY popular and has even jokingly been accused by sister Kim of ‘dethroning’ her as queen of the internet. Blimey, that’s some accolade, Kyles.

The teen star’s romance with Tyga is also a continued talking point. Last week there were even engagement rumours when the rapper referred to his ‘fiancee’ in a Snapchat video but Kylie later denied that they were getting hitched.

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