Sacha Baron Cohen's wife gets Jen's cast-offs

Isla Fisher has revealed that most of the dresses she wears on the red carpet have already been turned down by several leading ladies.

The redhead says her stylist passes on gowns to her that have already been rejected by the likes of 22-year-old Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

I have a stylist [Rachel Zoe] who styles Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway and whoever else,’ says Isla, 37.

So they get all the dresses first, and then whatever they refuse – there are few, since they hang on to all the dresses until the very end – the couple left to choose that no one wants, I get that rack.

Way down on the food chain is me, so I pick on those crumbs and usually it is the first dress that I try on that wins because I’m always in a rush. I’m happy to wear anything.’

Isla has two children – Olive, 5, and Elula, 2 – with her Borat star husband Sacha Baron Cohen, 41, and she says it’s difficult to juggle motherhood and a career.

You can’t “have it all” – it’s a total myth,’ the actress tells FASHION Magazine.

Whatever you are lucky enough to get should be fabulous enough. I have never met anyone with the perfect career and the perfect family life. Something always has to suffer.’

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Anna Francis