Deserted Hannah feels she's been unfairly blamed for the break-up

As fans and friends turn their backs in the wake of her marriage split from Ricky Groves, Hannah Watermans been left feeling more isolated and alone than ever.

Hannah feels let down, totally alone and unfairly blamed for what happened,’ says our source. ‘No one’s publicly supported her. None of her co-stars have jumped to her defence. It’s devastating for her.’

When contacted several of her former colleagues for messages of support, we got no response.

Hannah Waterman and Ricky Groves | Pictures | Now magazine

While there’s no suggestion that Ricky and Hannah, 35, ever cheated on each other, the pair were in crisis talks long before her diet started.

Hannah hinted that there were cracks in the marriage as long ago as last March, when Ricky, 41, was axed from EastEnders.

While she was working hard on stage in Calendar Girls and Round And Round The Garden, Ricky was out of work for six months until starting Strictly Come Dancing.

Hannah said: ‘I was on the road doing a stage tour when he left EastEnders, so I haven’t been around to support him. That’s been pretty tough on him, but I have to work to pay our mortgage.’

When asked if she’d given him any advice on life after EastEnders – having quit the show herself in 2004 – Hannah said there’d been a breakdown in communication and she was reluctant to tell him to find work.

She said: ‘Ooh, that’s not the best thing to do with husbands. I’ll stay out of it and let him work it out for himself.’

On landing a place on Strictly, Ricky admitted that: ‘It beats sitting on my sofa watching Homes Under The Hammer.’ But Hannah’s frustration and the pressure she was under as the  main breadwinner became impossible to contain.

As we revealed last week, Hannah’s desire to start a family had also become a bone of contention in their marriage, with Hannah feeling Ricky wasn’t supportive enough. Instead, he was quick to blame the split on her diet, which saw her drop from 10st 4lb to 7st 8lb in five months.

Friends say that all these factors combined made Hannah lose respect for her husband of three years. The stress of Ricky’s lack of work on top of her busy schedule plus her desire for a baby were too much for the marriage to sustain in the end.

Hannah’s a hard worker. She’s always got a project to keep money coming in,’ says one insider. ‘It was hard to accept that her other half wasn’t pulling his weight.

‘That’s why she feels it’s so unfair that she’s getting all this stick now. She was just working hard and trying to start a family. That said, she’s a tough cookie and will get her head down and get on with it. It’s what she’s best at.’

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