Unlike her ex Peter Andre, Jordan's love life is on the skids. Again

It seems Katie Price’s relationship with fiancé Leandro Penna has hit another rocky patch.

A source tells Now: ‘They had yet another argument over the way she speaks to him.

‘He’s fed up with her belittling him in front of other people.

‘She’s started saying he’s basically like a fourth child who gets in her way rather than a man.’

Now’s Sam Dowler witnessed their awkward relationship first hand last week when Katie, 34, and Leo, 26,climbed a giant crisp (don’t ask) to promote the Walkers Deep Ridged range.

‘It’s almost like a master/pet relationship’, says Sam.

‘While they’re very sweet together, he constantly looks like a rabbit in the headlights and they are unable to have even the smallest of conversations because of the language barrier.

‘When talking about his climbing prowess whilst scaling the giant crisp, Katie said: “It’s cos of your
arms, Leandro!”

‘He flexed and looked confused. “Your arms!” she cried “That’s how you were so good!” to which he replied: “You like?” looking at his guns.

‘She just rolled her eyes.’

Hey, maybe conversation is overrated anyway.

Read more about Katie Price and Leandro Penna in Now magazine dated 10 September 2012 – out Tuesday!


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